Our Car Park Shading System with Model Number 2001, which we produce with the Open – Park Brand, is the Preference of our Valuable Customers with its Aesthetic and Strong Static Structure. It Shows Outstanding Success. Thanks to its modular structure, the Canopy System is much easier to assemble and allows to be disassembled and reassembled many times. The membrane used on it is a very robust product with a weight of 900 gr/m2 and is used for covering very large areas such as stadium shopping malls, produced for suspended tension systems. It is a type of membrane preferred by the world. Materials Used in Steel Construction 114 mm x 4 mm, 102 mm x 4 mm, 102 mm x 3 mm,It is produced from 60 mm x 3 mm diameter steel pipes and is offered in the desired RAL color. Our product is resistant to 50 kg / m2 Snow Load and 90 km / h Wind Load. Engineer Approved Static Reports are Available.

AREAS OF USAGE: Preferred for Porch Shading and Parking Lot Covering Systems in Factories, Open Parking Lots, Corporate Public Parking Lots, Villa Special Buildings.